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This was a term project for a Python course in Fall 2018 at Florida State University. Done in PyGame, Infinite Shores is a pirate-themed rouge-lite where each island is different in layout.

The group consisted of three Programmers:

  • Chase Warrington
  • Dominick Aiudi (owner of this itch.io profile)
  • Gregory Moncayo (also composed the theme song)

Starting the Game

  1. Unzip the folder to the location of your choosing
  2. Ensure that you have Python3 and the PyGame and Gibberish libraries installed
  3. Run Main.py


  • WASD - movement
  • Your character will face towards the cursor
  • Q - use melee weapon
  • E - use ranged weapon
  • R - use utility item
  • F - drop a bomb


InfiniteShores.zip 31 MB

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